Essex Single Bathroom Vanity with Marble Top 48in Parchment

Heritage Bench Made Furniture

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Essex Single Bathroom Vanity with Marble Top 48"W - Parchment
  • Handmade
  • Mahogany Wood
  • Marble Top
  • Faucet Not Included
  • Dimensions 48.5 in W x 25 in D x 35.5 in H

  • Nestled within the graceful contours of the Heritage Single Bathroom Vanity Cabinet lies a story of craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. Born from the hands of skilled artisans, this piece stands as a testament to the timeless elegance that the Heritage brand embodies. A vision in parchment finish, the vanity whispers tales of old-world charm into the modern sanctum of your bathroom. The sturdy silhouette of mahogany bears the weight of imported Creme Marvel Marble?a surface that boasts a double-thick bullnose edge and beckons the touch with its cool, smooth finish. Beneath this marble splendor, a porcelain bowl resides an embodiment of purity and practicality, pre-drilled to welcome fixtures that speak of your personal style. This cabinet does not merely offer storage; it serves as a sanctuary for the treasures of your ritual?a space where bottles and jars find a distinguished home. The Heritage's finish is a canvas of intricate layers, a delicate process involving padding, glazing, and distressing, with up to 20 steps to achieve the richness and depth that seduces the eye. Arriving fully assembled, the craftsmanship is evident in every line and curve, ensuring installation is as effortless as it is intuitive. The vanity?s back is designed for easy integration into your home, allowing the piece to take its rightful place as both heirloom and heart of your bathroom retreat. In choosing this Heritage vanity, you select not just a piece of furniture, but a slice of history, a fragment of artistry, and a continuation of a legacy that enriches the narrative of your home?s design.