Rattan Wing Chair - Woven Natural Water Hyacinth

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Rattan Wing Chair - Woven Natural Water Hyacinth

    • Handmade
    • Natural Water hyacinth
    • Wide Weave
    • Coastal Charm
    • Dimensions 29.5 in W 33 in D x 38.5 in H


    Introducing the Rattan Wing Chair, a sumptuous blend of comfort and earthy charm, ensconced in the serenity of natural water hyacinth. With overall dimensions of 29.5 inches in width, 33 inches in depth, and 38.5 inches in height, this chair is a cozy retreat with a distinguished silhouette. Envisioned to elevate any room with its majestic stance, the wingback design beckons with open arms, promising relaxation, and a touch of nature's calm. The body of the chair, handwoven with precision, showcases the intricate beauty of the water hyacinth's texture, each strand a whisper of the wild outdoors. This chair doesn't just stand; it holds a space for tranquility during life's hustle. The included cushions, plush and inviting, offer a cloud-like comfort, their neutral tone complementing the organic palette of the rattan. Whether nestled in a sunny corner with a favorite book or commanding attention in a living space, the Rattan Wing Chair is more than seating?it's a haven, a piece of the natural world crafted for your home's haven.