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Coming Thru The Rye - Large

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38.00 x 39.00 x 32.00
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At 32" tall, 38" width and 39" depth this is a very dramatic sculpture a huge, lost wax, cast bronze, recreation of the Famous original sculpture " COMING THROUGH THE RYE" after the original by Frederic Remington, one of the most prolific American artsts of all time. Easily understood by fans of Remington as his most ambitious bronze sculpture, it shows the artist's interest in the wild and carefree nature of the cowboys of the Wild West, "Coming Through the Rye represents four cowboys mounted on broncos dashing at full gallop, waving their six-shooters over their heads with quirts flying from their wrists. They cowboys have the spark of reckless abandon in their eyes; with mouths open you can sense the wildness of the Western riders. The broncos, snorting and straining forward, are shoulder to shoulder, and their flying hooves emphasize the devil-may-care of such a mad ride." The technical feat of creating a sculpture in which the outer horses do not even touch the ground pleased Remington greatly, as he pushed the limits of bronze casting and naturalistic energy.

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