Natures Throne Teak Root Chair 68"H

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Natures Throne Teak Root Chair 68"H
  • Free Form
  • Natural Variations
  • Eco Friendly
  • Dimensions 58"W x 34"D x 68"H

  • The Natural Teak Throne Chair stands as a majestic ode to the unparalleled beauty of the untamed world, a monolithic piece that blurs the lines between functional furniture and awe-inspiring art. Measuring an impressive 58 inches in width, 34 inches in depth, and 68 inches in height, this chair is more than a mere seating option; it's a natural masterpiece, each one utterly unique, with a hefty presence at 436 pounds. Forged by nature and envisioned by the artist, this chair was once a colossal piece of teak, robust and rich in history. The artist, struck by its potential, has shaped it into a chair that commands attention, without compromising the integrity of its original, organic form. It?s a powerful statement piece that conveys strength and stability, ideal for anchoring a garden space or serving as a focal point in an interior setting. The true warm hue of the natural color of teak wood, full of earthy tones and textures that highlight every curve and crevice formed over time. It's not merely a piece of furniture, but a slice of the forest, a touchstone to the earth's raw grandeur brought into your personal space. This throne is not only a 'must-have' for its striking visual appeal but also a testament to the sublime artistry found in nature, an irreplaceable treasure for any collector or enthusiast of natural art.