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Apple Vase -Large

26.00 x 7.00 x 31.00
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The 26" wide x 31" tall Apple Vase Large is an artist sculpted vase that will surely become a conversation piece of many decors. The design is both contemporary and functional as the center is designed to be a planter. It is sold seperatley but often ordered with the other sized Apple Vases consider the Extra Large and Regular sized apple vase options for a more dramatic and graduated display affect. The finish is done in a verde tone with brushed glaze and a rich laquerware technique. The Art of Lacquerware is said to have originated in Japan many years ago when a prince on a battlefield happened to break off a branch and noticed a beautiful transparent sap began to flow which became hard and created a sublime radiance over what it touched. Perhaps how "lacquer art" was developed but soon not limited to japan as artists all over found value of enhancing objects through this lustrous top coat technique. Our artists today further expand on its abilities to enhance objects of art by applying many layers of delicate coatings with hand sanding between each as each step further enriches the final affect. The vase is hand cast in a fiberglass resin.

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